Monday, October 4, 2010

*It’s not really a review, but just a bunch of giblets.

Fork Fest Review*
*It’s not really a review, but just a bunch of giblets.

Embedded in the Jeung-Joint

Barely out of the sack and Culinary Carole has already got me hittin’ the keys, to get this first issue out of the kitchen.
            I need to finish this beer first, which is a first – a beer for breakfast – but it’s great when chased with lovely scrambled and tea and fits in bravely with the exploratory and not yet coined credo of the “Dinner (ugh) Club” eat first, talk later, or something like that. Onward.

Pizza Bomb Alert

Years ago, on the streets of Munich, I met this lovely young woman, whom I convinced on the spot, to have lunch with me. Not wanting to lose her to indecision, I hustled her into the first eating establishment I could find – a pizzeria – where, in my excitement, I ordered an anchovy pizza.
            I was thinking sausage (but more importantly, tall brunette) and somehow, in the moment, I stupidly ordered the lovely little bits of fish. When the fragrant fish (say that three times!) arrived at the table, we all seemed to know it was a mistake and the waiter was kind enough to take it back.
Anyway, I don’t know what I was thinking as I stormed through the frozen foods section at Trader Joe’s last night. I had pizza on my mind and lots of it, so I think that clouded my process somewhat, when I popped a TJ’s “Pizza Gorgola e Pere” (that’s gorgonzola and pear) in the shopping cart. It offered the most mass and therefore appealed to my manly main concern regarding food  — quantity.
            Alas, this frozen delight of gorgonzola and pear, seemed to be another mistake of anchovy proportions, however, I could not get the waiter to take it back. My advice: stay away from the frozen gorgonzola and pear pizza. BUT the “Pizza Olympiad” is OK.

Olive Oil not Iraq Oil (otherwise known as Johnny Cat Drive)

Karl, of Karin and Karl, who is also part of the “Ka Krew” (composed of Karl, Karin, Corrine, Carole, and Carmine) recently drove a forklift down Third Street. This is not news, unless he skewers one of those snappy mini-cooper drivers. What’s news is that some of the of prized olive oil (at some point in the process) got dumped and had to be sopped up with several bags of kitty litter. Again, this isn’t news but just an effort to get names in print. (Why can’t we have Dorka at our dinner parties?) and establish distinct sides of the table, or something like that.

Carmine Get It!

Psssst, Carmine. I have something for you. Make sure that I bring it to the next dinner. Bob.

Just Be Happy

Words and tempers have been flying here in the editorial offices over a fair title for this modest publication. How about the “Gallimaufry Gazette,” or “Fukien Cuisine Magazine.” Any suggestions can be debated at the next dinner.

Host(ess) Hot List

The following is a list of specific and not so specific dates and places for the next few dinners:

July 26th: Karin & Karl
August: Hideo & Carmine
September: Corrinne
October . . . will be the big, dare I say, (if I can squeeze this past Hideo) POTLUCK, where the issue
of paper plates and plastic utensils will surely be in hot debate. Come one and all and bring your friends.
November and December will be off months for the dinner club. Time to polish your silver.


For  sale: Carole’s lovely 87 Honda Accord. Runs well, sunroof, has all its shots. $1600.00


Art exhibition (painting and ceramic sculpture) at Nexus Gallery (Berkeley) Sept 5 and 6: Carole, Lori Katz, Joel Mesnikoff

Submissions: either yell down the table at the next gathering or e-mail your suggestions, corrections, gossip, reviews, classifieds and so on to Bob . . .

July 2003

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